Brand Concept


There are designers who want to express their philosophy through fashion.
There are creators who wish to make a statement through clothing.
At ARTES, our mission is to transform your inspiration into clothing.

We approach our monozukuri—thoughtful manufacturing with a sense of craftsmanship—by respecting our customer’s preferences while making the most of our sensibility and expertise.
We work on kachizukuri—creating value—by tackling problems from the perspective of our clients who work at the forefront of the apparel industry.
By exceeding expectations through the "Made by ARTES" quality, we wish to help our customers create the future of their brand.

ARTES strives to become an indispensable partner for apparel brands around the world.

Made by ARTES


Creating exceptional clothing
with craftsmanship.

Creating value

Providing complete solutions
for our customers.

Our Philosophy

We serve society by using our expertise and
craftsmanship to manufacture exceptional
knitwear products
that enrich the lives of people
around the world.

Made by ARTES
—a symbol of reliability and trust.

Since its establishment in 1958, ARTES has been an OEM manufacturer based in Sumida, Japan, a town well known for its craftsmanship. Over the years, we have created items for domestic and international collections and high-end fashion brands.
Influential fashion icons and designers are highly imaginative people who are always looking for ways to differentiate their products and explore creative possibilities.

Our customers are very particular about how their products are manufactured, and we have responded to the demand for quality through the expertise, craftsmanship, and service we are known for in Japan.
Today, it is reported that domestic products account for only 2% of the world’s clothing production. Is this a crisis for the Japanese sewing industry?
No. We believe this is a chance to test the true value of the remaining authentic manufacturers. In this age of automation, it is important to understand the value created by real people having hands-on involvement in the process.

For example, the members of our team have the will to never say no and tackle challenging problems with imagination and creativity. Our people are attentive and willing to act in advance of our customers’ requests. Our people collaborate across different professional fields to work as a team. We believe that it is the accumulation of these efforts that enable us to amaze our customers with exceptional service and products that bring them joy.

“Made by ARTES”
Our goal is to make these words a symbol of reliability and trust for apparel brands around the world.

Taketoshi Nanmoku, President and CEO
Kensuke Nanmoku, Director

Company Profile

Company name
ARTES Co., Ltd.
Manufacturing and sales of fashion-related products created at our in-house factories.
Head office
1-4-8, Ishihara, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0011 Japan (MAP
Tel: 03-3625-2468 
Fax: 03-3625-3460
February 1958
Board members
Taketoshi Nanmoku
President and CEO
Yasuo Takahashi  
Director, Sales Department Manager
Kensuke Nanmoku
Takehiro Nanmoku
Account & General Manager
Head office 20 / Factory 125
Subsidiary company

Our History

Nanmoku Meriyasu Co., Ltd.founded
Tochigi factory constructed and begins operations
Company name changed to Nan-knit Co., Ltd.
New head office constructed and relocated to Kamezawa
Akita factory constructed and begins operations
New corporate identity introduced and company name changed to ARTES Co., Ltd.
Hakodate factory constructed and begins operations
Head office relocated to Ishihara
Tochigi factory closes and operations consolidated to Akita and Hakodate factories