A hands-on spirit that cannot be
automated by machines.

Based in Akita and Hakodate, ARTES's factories meet the needs of our customers by producing a wide range of items, including T-shirts, coats, jackets, and other cut and sewn products. Our staff range from young employees to experienced experts, and we aim to continually improve our operations by transferring knowledge and skills between generations. Our production and inventory status is centrally managed via an online system that links the factories with the head office. By having in-house production, we are able to meticulously manage shipments and deliveries, making it possible to fulfill requests for just-in-time deliveries, factory-to-store shipping, and advanced deliveries for promotional events.

Our Manufacturing

A production style that responds to changes in the marketplace.

Since market demands are constantly changing with new times and trends, it is important to have a flexible system that can produce a wide variety of items to respond to our customers’ needs. To achieve this, we have adopted a modular production system in which one person is in charge of multiple stages of production, working on several items at once to maintain a high level of efficiency and productivity.

Staff specialized in sample

Another advantage of working with our in-house factories is that we can handle both sampling and production within a single facility. We assign experienced staff members who are highly knowledgeable in sample production to check the fabric, select appropriate threads, and assess the item's suitability for mass production before going into full-scale production. By carefully evaluating the product during the sampling stage and taking steps to ensure a successful full-scale production, we are able to create the items that our customers are envisioning in their minds.

We are proud of our manufacturing and craftsmanship that cannot be found anywhere else.

ARTES AKITA is located in Daisen, a city known for the fireworks in Omagari. Since its inception in 1974, our factory has spread its roots in the community and has become a key player in the regional industry. We are proud of our earnest, diligent, and collaborative work that is based on the character and spirit unique to Akita.
Our customers appreciate our unique approaches to enhancing our production environment. For example, we modify our sewing machines for each product and have installed a customized humidifier to help protect the fabric from extreme winter dryness. We also routinely inspect our products and sewing needles during production to make sure we never deliver B-grade products.

Toshio Otomo

Surprising the world
with clothes from Hakodate.

ARTES HAKODATE is located in the heart of the city of Hakodate, which has prospered as an international trading port. The factory was completed in 1991 with the goal of becoming an urban production facility based on thoughtful manufacturing. From a historic town with an exotic atmosphere, we want to create clothing that will amaze the world. With this mission at heart, each member of our factory is engaged in work that goes beyond the sewing machine, adding value to the product with their own hands. For example, sometimes we hand-stitch the name tags onto the clothing or apply a special texture to create a worn-in effect. Being able to create items that match the image our customers had envisioned is what motivates us.

Michinari Ono