Our mission is to create clothes
that enhance brand value.

Quality Control

A production system for turning your ideas into reality.

As the apparel industry shifts its production overseas, sewing factories in Japan are disappearing one after another. Despite this trend, ARTES continues to maintain a production system centered around our factories in Japan. To create clothing that makes our customers’ wishes come true, we believe that we need to work in an environment where we can oversee every part of the process. We manufacture in our own factories, where we have the knowledge and expertise to handle even difficult materials. To meet our customers’ requests, we occasionally collaborate with reliable subcontracted factories while maintaining rigorous quality control and delivery management. These efforts have earned us an outstanding reputation, and ARTES’s factories continue to be chosen by domestic and international brands as their main production facilities.

Streamlining our head office, factories and partners to
provide a one-stop shop for your clothing projects.

There are many steps involved in making clothes, including sourcing, sampling, production, and secondary processing. For fashion companies who are busy developing new products and preparing for shows, managing the entire manufacturing process can become overwhelming. Let us handle the production process for you. ARTES is able to provide complete manufacturing service, using our knowledge and network that encompasses areas of expertise outside of sewing, including thread and fabric selection, printing, embroidery, and product dyeing. We offer a one-stop service that covers material proposals and development with the help of specialized partners, quick sample production, sewing, secondary processing, product inspection, shipping and delivery, all while maintaining exceptional quality.

Integrated Production

Meeting Market Needs

Delivering the products you need, when you need them,
in the quantities you need.

Sometimes, we’re producing extremely thick coats. Other times, we’re producing light underwear. We have established a flexible production system that allows us to reconfigure our lines to adapt to different seasons and trends and offer a wide variety of items to meet market demands. If you're only looking for efficiency, producing an item in large quantities might be more profitable. But the excess inventory from mass production could bring down your brand value. That is why we strive to deliver what our customers truly need, when they need it, in the quantities they need it. ARTES strives to not only be a sewing company but to be a service manufacturer that preserves and enhances our customers' brands.

Commitment to OEM

At present, ARTES does not offer services for designing clothes or proposing new product ideas. By specializing in helping our customers transform their ideas into reality, we can focus on developing unique, value-adding technologies and proposing solutions that take advantage of our extensive network of partner companies. Our duty is to bring brilliant ideas to life with thoughtful manufacturing. We believe that the attitude and actions of each and every one of us will help us achieve our brand concept of “Thoughtful craftsmanship.”