Thoughtful craftsmanship

Our mission is to help designers and creators transform their ideas into clothing.
ARTES strives to become an indispensable partner
for apparel brands around the world.

Helping our customers

Looking for an OEM partner who can handle every step of the clothing
manufacturing process, from materials selection to full production?
Looking for a garment factory you can rely on for high quality manufacturing?
Please read on to learn about what makes ARTES unique.

Living and breathing the spirit of monozukuri

Our manufacturing process relies on close collaboration between our office and factories.
Our whole team works together towards the shared goal of creating the best clothing
for our customers. Please read on to learn more about the ARTES team.

Giving life to a piece of clothing

We do everything in our power to exceed our customers' expectations within
their time constraints. Please read on to learn more about our two unique
factories located at Akita and Hakodate.